Our Product Range

Austral Single Frame

This single frame design is perfect for the everyday household. With 28 metres of line space, it comes in 11 great colours and is Australian Made. This can either be installed on the wall or in the ground with posts.

Austral Dual Frame

This is one of Austral most popular Folding Frames. The dual design allows for extra lines space when needed or use only the inner frame for those small delicate loads. With 35 metres of line space, this is surely worth a look at.. Available in 11 great colours.

Austral Slender Range

This is Austral’s answer to those tight and unused areas around your house. Ideal for those living in the city, this narrow design allows for that fresh drying of your clothes in every property type. This range is able to be installed onto your brick wall or in the ground via posts. Available 6 great colours

Austral Compact Range

This popular range is great for those wanting to maximise their drying area without the bulk design. The Compact 39 is Austral’s largest Folding Frame available. Both Compact 28 and Compact 39 are available in 11 great colours.

Austral Unit Frame

This Austral Line is nearly half the size of the standard folding frame which makes it a great option for those challenging properties where space is like gold… This line is only available for wall mounted installation. Available in 6 great colours