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Australia’s Hills Hoist Hero

Rowan Turner has been crowned Australia’s Hills Hoist Hero as he comes to the aid of others in their time of need. That is, in their need to fix their Hills Hoist Clothesline.

In August 2018, channel 7’s Sunrise program put out the call for assistance in repairing a Hills Hoist clothesline for one of their viewers. Amy Beard’s 1962 Hills Hoist clothesline was in disrepair and she was unable to find anyone who could bring this iconic piece of Australian history back to life. Rowan, however, answered the call. A family member had seen the Sunrise segment and called Rowan immediately.

Rowan set out to make contact with Amy Beard and after the exchange of some photos, Rowan was able to identify the parts needed to repair the clothesline. Thankfully after searching through the large array of spare parts, Rowan was able to find the pieces needed.

Rowan then began the staggering 900km trip from Sydney’s South West to Wongawallan in the Queensland’s Hinterland to assist Amy and repair her historic Hills Hoist clothesline.

Rowan installed a new handle, new gears and a complete rewire bringing this historic piece of Australian history back to full working order.

See the segment from Sunrise below:

If you need assistance with your clothesline simply give Rowan a call on 0415 547 485 or contact us online.