Clothesline Repairs

If your laundry clothesline has seen better days don’t give up on it before you give Rowan Turner Clothes Lines Services a call. Our friendly clothesline repair services will get your washing line repaired and ready to dry your clothes in no time.

Repairs and Spare Parts

When you are having trouble with your clothesline we can help. Whether the line itself has snapped or worn, or you are having trouble with retracting or winding your clothesline. Our friendly service team can come out and take a look at what needs to be repaired.

We can repair all popular types types including rotary hoist, retractable hoist, folding frames and more. We can make the repairs you need to get you back in business.

Regular Clothesline Service

The best way to avoid breakages and the need to repair your clothes lines, is to have regular service appointments. Our clothesline service will keep your clothesline in tiptop shape.

At Rowan Turner Clothes Line Services, we provide the service you need to keep your clothesline working when you need it most. No more droopy lines or off-kilter rotary clotheslines. We make sure your clothesline is always ready to go.

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Your Clothesline Experts

Rowan Turner Clothes Line Services is the clothesline expert with over 40 years experience. We are a Australian owned family business and  can provide the clothesline repair services that Greater Sydney and Wollongong needs.

We have the spare parts you need to fix  your clothesline and get it running like new again. We know all there is to know about clotheslines no matter the style or model!

When you are in need of a clothesline repair, call Rowan Turner Clothes Lines Services

Repairs and Spare Parts Service

We have an extension repair and spare parts service to help get your existing clothes line working like new again. We can assist with Hills Hoist parts and Austral parts for your clothesline.


How do you adjust the tension on a clothesline?

If your clothesline wire is sagging and has lost tension, we can provide our rewire/restringing service which will provide you with new tight wire to hold up those heavy washing loads.

Let a professional rewire your clothesline using the correct tools for the job.

Pricing starts at:

  • Poly Rewire $185.00 inc GST.
  • Galvanised Rewire $210.00 inc GST.

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How do you repair a rotary clothes line?

This really depends on the cause of your washing line not functioning. A clothes line contains numerous moving parts which must work simultaneously in order for your clothes line to function correctly. Our friendly team members will assess your clothes line to identify the cause and then provide you with information and a quote to repair your clothes line.

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Can you replace the folding mechanism on my folding frame clothesline?

Absolutely! We are able to replace the folding mechanism, called the “strut”, on your folding frame clothesline to allow you to safely collapse or expand your clothesline and keep it secure. 

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Can you repair Hills Hoist clothes lines?

We sure can! Rowan Turner is the original “Hills Hoist Hero” as featured on Sydney’s Weekend Sunrise program. Check out our homepage to watch the videos.

We have a huge range of Hills Hoist spare parts ready to bring your historic Hills Hoist clothesline back to life. 

Why won't my clothesline wind up or down?

A common issue we see is the winding handle, or winding mechanism, may fail on your clothesline. This means you are left with your clothesline at the height it was previously.

The ability to lift your clothesline up and down provides you the ability to improve exposure to sunlight and/or the lovely breeze. 

Rather than deal with your clothes line stuck at the one height, contact us for a free quote for repairs to the winding mechanism. 

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Can your replace the handle on my clothesline?

If your clothesline handle has broken, do not fear. You do NOT need an entire new clothesline. Let our friendly team simply replace your clothesline handle to allow you to easily and safely wind your clothes line up or down as needed.

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Other Clothes Line Services

Rowan Turner Clothesline Services provide a full range of services from new clothesline installation, clothesline repair and general servicing. 

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