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Clothesline Rewire and Restringing

When you rely on your clothesline to dry your laundry you want it to be working when you need it. You also need it to be tight and sturdy to support the hefty laundry loads of your demanding family. When your clothesline is starting to sag or worse just snaps, you need Rowan Turner Clothes Lines Services for your clothesline rewire or restringing needs.

Clothesline Restringing Service

If you have been lugging your laundry to the laundromat because your clothesline is sagging, stop the hassle and give us a call. We can come out and provide the retention services you need to get that line back to its old self and get it tight so you can hang your laundry without it drooping and getting dirty after all of your hard work.

Clothesline Rewire

And if we can’t get the tension back then we will do a clothesline rewire instead. A clothesline rewire takes a lot of wire and a lot of knowledge to get your clothesline back into useable condition. No more lugging your laundry off to the Laundromat. You can get back to using your clothesline again once our repairs are complete.

Rewire / Restringing Services

Our restringing service will ensure your clothesline is tight and  sturdy and ready to hold your next load of washing.


How much does it cost to restring a clothesline?

Pricing starts at:

  • Poly Rewire $185 inc GST.
  • Galvanised Rewire $210 inc GST.

If you need a clothesline restringing service, call Rowan Turner Clothesline Services. Ph: 02 9829 3565 or click here to contact us online.

Do you remove the old wire?

Yes we do. There is no need for you to remove the old wire first. This step is included in our service.

Simply contact us to book in and have your clothesline rewired, starting at $185 inc GST for poly rewire or $210 inc GST for galvanised rewire.

How do you restring a clothesline?

With over 35 years experience, we have mastered the process of restringing your clothesline. We measure twice and cut once to ensure your new clothesline string is taught and ready for the next heavy load it needs to support. 

Save yourself the stress of trying to get your new clothesline wire tight and call us now on 02 9829 3565.

How do you rewire a rotary clothesline?

The classic backyard rotary clothesline is not much different to rewire than a fixed hoist clothesline. We have been restringing clothes lines for over 35 years and guarantee our rewire will have your clothes line back to peak working condition. 

What is the best clothesline rope?

Whilst there is a range of clothesline rope, or wire options available we use and supply either a Polycore (Australian Made) and Galvanised (Australian made) wire.

We do not use cheap overseas brands which you may find in hardware stores and large department stores.

What can I do to maintain the tension of my newly rewired clothesline and prevent future sagging?

It is important to hang your washing evenly over your clothesline so as the disperse the weight especially with of your heavier loads.

When possible, take your washing off the line before it begins to rain. The weight of items like towels, quilts and linen when saturated with rain can create unnecessary stress on your cords and stretching/ sagging may occur prematurely.

Why does a clothesline sag?

Regardless of how tight your clothes line wire is, you will always see a small amount of “give” when you load each string up with clothing. This will be much more noticable when hanging heavier materials such as denim, doonas or quilts, blankets etc. This is normal and simply part of gravity.

What you do want to watch out for is sagging when the line has nothing on it. This indicates that your clothes line has potentially stretched and will no longer perform at it’s optimum performance. This is when you know it’s time to give Rowan Turner Clothesline Services a call on 02 9829 3565.


Other Clothes Line Services

Rowan Turner Clothesline Services provide a full range of services from new clothesline installation, clothesline repair and general servicing. 

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